Wigii® software ChangeLog

Actual major release: 4.8

Compatible with PHP 7.4

Wigii 4.822 R2_11

- WigiiCoreExecutor: listView: if sorting key changes then removes any group by
- Element: added in memory attribute discardFromMultipleUpdate to indicate to ElementService to discard persisting element in case of a call to updateMultipleElement
- Enhanced FuncExp sysMultipleSelection to return at choice, an array of element IDs or an ElementPList
- ElementServiceImpl: updateMultipleElement, getSqlForUpdateMultipleElement: handles discardFromMultipleUpdate element attribute
- TemplateRecordManager, AttributeExpConfigController, Attributs_displayForm.tpl, MultipleAttributs_displayForm.tpl: Dev in progress for Attributs and MultipleAttributs html caching in js browser cache
- ClientAdminServiceImpl: Wigii Encryption Layer: refactored keystore persistence into private method persistKeyStore
- EmailsFromImapDataFlowConnector: fixed email parsing of type MIXED, with no body and only attachments
- Wigii Live Monitoring dev in progress
- ConfigurationContextImpl: when calling ma method, ensures mf method has been called at least once to guarentee that module fields are loaded, even if current config is a group configuration
- Start of Wigii trunk versioning on Wigiipole2 at Wigii.org. Migrated from GitHub master repository https://github.com/wigii/wigii G778.


New FuncExps: elementSubList, multipleSelectionElementP

Wigii 4.821 G776

- FiltersFormExecutor: considers sortingKey and groupByKey parameters on SearchActivity fields
- config.xml / SearchActivity: move grouping and sorting to advanced filters section
- WigiiCMSElementEvaluator: fixed method copyFileToClientWebFolder to be compatible with Wigii Encryption Layer; fixed fatal error if sitemap without any introduction element
- WigiiFL: enhanced FuncExps countElements and elementExists to support usage of Root principal if needed
- FieldSelector, FieldSortingKey: added helpers buildKey and getDirection


New config parameters: sortingKey and groupByKey that can be added to SearchActivity fields or attributes to influence the list view sorting and grouping when searching by this field

Wigii 4.820 G774

- ExecutionServiceImpl: added method getPrincipalExternalLabel to fetch a human friendly label of real user behind current principal
- RecordEvaluator, NotificationService, FuncExpVMStdFL, WigiiBPL: modified add comments, notifications and history tracking to use the ExecutionService::getPrincipalExternalLabel method instead of raw username.
- config.xml: field attribute expandOnMultipleColumn can be dynamic
- addons/NCD/AgileStoryBoard: changed border color of Tasks with priority P1 to yellow
- WigiiAPI.js: added method FieldHelper::disable to dynamically disable or enable a field, following Wigii form styling and standard
- example.index.php, example.htaccess: enforced security by removing or commenting lines of code which are not strictly necessary for Wigii server to run into production
- addons/NCD/wigii-ncd-stdlib.js, wigii-ncd-stdlib.css: AgileStoryBoard: maps Wigii Tasks priority to priority class and colorizes tasks by priority
- FiltersFormExecutor: added /find/elementByKey url to display an element detail given a business key
- WigiiAPI.js: showElement: supports passing a business key instead of element ID to fetch and display the element detail
- CliExecutor: added commands listHashAlgos, hashFile, checkClientFiles, encryptAllClientFiles, removeClientFileEncryption, renewClientFileEncryptionKey
- ElementFileAdminService: added method walkthroughUserFiles to execute a callback on each client file
- ClientAdminServiceImpl: release Wigii encryption layer on client files
- BackendServiceFormExecutor: runs encryption backend tasks
- ServiceProvider, CreditServiceImpl, CreditServiceException: handles CreditService implementation and instanciation
- AttributeExpConfigController: considers cacheKey xml attribute on attributeExp to define a custom cache key (instead of FuncExp signature)
- configs/Example/config.php: added ENABLE_ENCRYPTION_ADMIN_CLI=false
- _cliImplExecutor/main: fixed missing TEST_ON=false
- ElementEvaluator: fixed module null pointer exception in cfgParam and cfgParamExp FuncExps
- StandardStatisticsDFA: fixed missing unset of private variable


New classes: CreditService, WigiiCredit and WigiiTimer
New FuncExps: cfgAttrExtendedDimension, cfgCurrentListContextGroup, sysEncryptAllClientFiles, sysRemoveClientFileEncryption, sysRenewClientFileEncryptionKey
Readme/Technical Documentation: release 'Wigii Encryption concepts'